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Under One Sky

Woven cloth has a long history of acting as a symbolic agent for cultures and people, for signifying their beliefs and identity and for reinventing a unifying narrative. My current weaving process is a slow manual labor of creating the cloth. Each piece acts as a  woven poem that echos the colors of the sky and the land. 

I created this body work during the year 2022 during the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine. While the war harrowing above the lands, every pause from shelling is the opening to the sky. Wast and all embracive, sky embodies the moments of connection with the self while affirming an infinite capacity to think and move freely, endure and confront the oppression.

These sculptures resound the sky’s unrestrained and boundless potential through the woven transparencies and foldings, through the wing-like fringes morphing into organic shapes reminiscent of the movement of the clouds above the land and colorful variations of the sky during different times of the day and night. 

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