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Short Film
Produced 2020, Israel, Desert Aravah
Directed by Kathie Halfin
Camera: Arkady Astrovsky
Post Production: Chuxi Guo

The short film "Uprooted" was accomplished and performed in 2020 in Israel, desert Aravah. 
This film was produced and performed in one take. Artist performed live in collaboration with her family who immigrated to Israel in 1996.
 The family travels together to Desert Arava-the first place they arrived to after their immigration from Ukraine. They reflect on the experience of immigration that took place in 1997 after the fall of the Soviet Union.
In the film, the desert itself becomes a metaphor of the migratory experience. The vastness of it, the silence and it’s vegetation suggest another time. The slower time. It envelops the family with their memories, anxieties, and hopes. They are temporary inhibitatants in it with their memories of another place that family carries embodied in formations of sculptural installations and repetitive physical actions performed in the film. 

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