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In Blossom

Title: "In Blossom" 

Presented at Elizabeth Foundation For Arts 

as a part of video art  program

to honor Ukrainian Independence Day

Curated by Katya Grokhovsky

Documentation: Dooll Chao 

Sound: Julia Santoli

Duration: 5. 28 min

Year: 2022

"In Blossom" is an interdisciplinary video performance that represents an ongoing resistance to the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine. In this video performance Kathie Halfin wears a costume inspired by the colors of the Ukrainian flag. She weaves the yellow and blue fresh flowers into the wearable macrame dress. With the gentle support of fresh flowers, Halfin prays for the victory of Ukraine, remembrance of Ukrainian people who were killed and injured in the war and for the families who deal with severe personal losses and the destruction of the cities in Ukraine. 
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