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The Web Of Magic And Mundane

In her ongoing practice, Kathie Halfin explores textile's ability to uphold information and act as a carrier of history, language and resistance. Halfin’s textiles contain coded messages based on English, Russian and Hebrew versions of the Morse Code. Creation of the coded, handmade fabrics is a slow meditative act of transformation and empowerment. Her woven artworks draw attention to sensorial, ritualistic and temporal aspects of the coded message and create space for more holistic and slow way to define and judge words.

The story that Halfin tells by the means of the Morse Code is inspired by her family history, as her grandfather was a pilot communicating by the means of Morse Code signals in the Soviet Army during the WWII. At the same time, Halfin’s weavings serve as spiritual reminders of collective power and personal agency. Kathie seeks to present language as a poem, pattern and movement that initiates an open ended space to empower and liberate.

Halfin integrates traditional weaving techniques and creates loose and flowing textures and shimmering fibers that speak in visual, tactile and symbolic ways. Morse Coded textiles serve as reminders, mantras and agents that are activated during live performances. They become an active participant in a process of creation and transformation of the cultural and personal meaning and the connection between intercultural experiences and groups.


Live Performace

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