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Flossing Time

Duration: 17 min
Collaboration: Emma Yi

Flossing Time is alluding to the female body and the imprint of time on it. The time is realized as both an aging body of the character and the grief of the deceased relative.


In the video the interval between temporal instances, or diastema, as described by Derrida, literally comes as the break between different kinds of teeth. The character is flossing and burring the teeth, then, teeth are a symbol for a collision of different historical moments at the mouth: the growth, the aging and the memories that clash and keep from moving forward.


The contact with the past and the deceased relative manifested through the ritual of eating a grieving meal. The grieving meal is Ukrainian dish Kutia, the rice with raisins and honey served during funerals. Eating the dish occurs as eating the past and sharing the dish with deceased.


Thus flossing comes as a metaphor for the everyday routine, self-care and personal ritual of cleansing. This routine allows the character to live through the experiences of aging and grief. Cleansing the past and accepting the new routine where the proximity of death becomes intimate and the wrinkles on the skin of the character remind that every organism has a life span.

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