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Sabina Spilrein was an innovative thinker and one of the first female psychotherapists. She was marginalized in history because of her feminist approach to psychology, her murder in the Holocaust, as well as unusual eclecticism and refusal to join factions. I chose Spilrein as a protagonist for this project because her story highlights the interaction with and resistance to prescribed social and institutional norms.

To portray mental constructions and structures in the society I created the corridor in the space with two entries. The corridor triggers the feelings of the enclosure,  and nakedness as a result of unsafe environment. The pegboard walls of the corridor are transparent and constraining at the same time.The objects in that space reveal, record and reflect the viewer’s presence.


The projections in Sabina’s head fuel destructive forces and give the meaning to the relationships she had with others and with herself. She hears the voices, that are twitch, agitate, anatomize. They condition the body, perpetuate and dramatize the stagnated stances  through the minimal gesture and sound.

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