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Messages To The Sun Goddess

In ancient times, the sun symbolized a powerful force associated with the divine feminine and represented the nurturing aspect of the great mother. The goddess was often seen as the force behind the sun, governing the cosmos and celestial cycles. However, with the rise of patriarchy, the sun's perception shifted and today it is still associated with the masculine principle. 


In this body of work, I create the woven tapestries that invoke the ancient roots of the feminine sun. While considering the solar symbolism, I focus on the golden color to address the healing process of regeneration and the return to the feminine, life-giving power and the embodiment of sun. 


Gold is associated with the alchemical process of spiritual transformation by transmuting simple materials into the precious metal. From ashes and dissolution to conjunction and healing the image of the divine feminine manifests in the weavings through the encoded patterns and symbols. They  represent the stages in the process of the alchemical collective healing and the powerful splendor of the Sun Goddess.

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