Kathie Halfin is a textile, performance and an installation artist and an independent curator. Halfin’s work involves labor-intensive, physical processes and meditates on complex multilingual and multicultural aspects of the identity. As a Crimean, Ukrainian-born, Israeli raised based in Brooklyn, Kathie’s work incorporates family history, cross-cultural mythologies and rituals, language patterns and woven messages.


Her current practice involves the use of a Morse Code that Halfin weaves into her textiles. Creation of her coded, handmade fabrics is a meditative act of remolding the social construct in the self and vice versa. Halfin weaves insights, affirmations and personal mantras that reflect upon the personal and political and by re-shaping the inner structure she creates the new space.


Kathie Halfin showed at the Bronx Museum AIM Biennial, the A.I.R. Gallery,

Itinerant Performance Festival in Smack Mellon, Knockdown Center: Sunday Series, Art In Odd Places Performance Festival, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center and the Immigrant Artist Biennial among others.



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Photo credit: Ify Chiejina