Kathie Halfin is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist. She was born in Crimea, Ukraine and raised in Israel. Through fiber arts, installation and performance art, Kathie explores fragmentation and wholeness of identity manifested through her personal lenses, familial stories and larger transcultural events that are carried and encoded as individual and collective experience.


Through material construction of the fabric, Halfin’s work evokes questions of cultural memory and erasure, migratory fragmented experience, traditional craftsmanship and experimental reinterpretation of it. Halfin’s textiles engage in processes of doing and undoing, commemorating and mourning a loss, upholding information and acting as a carrier of history, language and resistance. 


Texture, pattern, painting and dyeing are elements encoded into Halfin’s weaving process. Her manifested textile compositions break out of and reacquire the language of the grid. By integrating transiency and erasure, repetition and fragmentation, they inquire into the social and political nature of the cloth. Situated in potentiality and storytelling, Halfin’s textiles create space to poetically unravel historical and personal narratives, re-weaving past contexts and encoding present ones.