The war in Ukraine with its horror and brutality is a tragedy that world has been facing in the the past 3 months. Born in Crimea, the annexed territory of Ukraine, I have been processing the war through multiple filters. Old memories of the place, people and the Ukrainian language spoken when I was growing up are combined with an ongoing input of news and images from the war. This visual imagery is accompanied by speeches, interviews, quotes and articles from the public digital realm. 


I couldn’t process this ineffable experience through words or approach it as a thinking process.  Instead, I started collecting images from the internet that recorded war in Ukraine: Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkiv. I started using materials that represent this aggressive erasure: Chlorox, that eats the color of the fabric along with pigments and dyes that create an image on the fabric.


I use black and white stripes as a representation of the situation itself that in such extreme moments creates the dichotomy of heroism and atrocities, light and darkness, life and death.