Algorithmic Gestures (Excerpts) 

“Algorithmic Gestures” is a collaborative online live performance that explores the nuances of social interactions online. It unfolds through a series of instructions from the outdated AI system and the audience. Through a creative experiment and the instructive mediation of the system, performers make an attempt to connect with each other and the audience. This work reflects on the current climate of the COVID pandemic, distance, alienation, and the need to connect with other human beings. 


Performed by:


Performer"K": Kathie Halfin

Performer"T": Tuty Moreno Campos 

AI Outdated Training System: Carrie Sijia Wang

Duration:​ 50 min



Produced during the eˉlektron online residency "Just A Stage" 


Special thanks: to the residency curator Bohdana Korohod, incredible mentors: Kat Mustatea and Taavi Suisalu, and the eˉ team!!!!