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Woven cloth has a long history of acting as a symbolic agent for cultures and people, for signifying their beliefs and identity and for reinventing a unifying narrative. My current weaving process is a slow manual labor of creating the cloth that is focused on processing and protesting the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine, amplifying the voice of Ukrainians, resisting the Russian propaganda.

The cloth I weave echos the colors of the sky, of the Ukrainian land and of the flag. The flag and land in flames, the burning of the home, of the people who live through this war and who are killed in it. The land and the people are one, sharpened senses, destroyed landscapes, hurting but unbroken souls. By the virtue of difference and dispersed parts, collective is not broken but strengthened, the net established, the country unified to refuse the obedience to the oppressor.

By the cost of many lives, unraveling oppressive ties of the "brotherly nation" Ukraine established an independent voice. The voice that revokes speculations about freedom not only in the former Soviet countries but opens the vital counterbalance to the fascist tendencies that come in sight around the world. 



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