The Web Of Magic And Mundane

"The Web Of Magic And Mundane" is an installation of coded textiles and a live performance that explore language patterns, family history and intersecting histories of communication and resistance. The textiles in the exhibition consist of coded messages and use the Morse Code to translate words into a woven pattern.

The Morse Code links to the artist's past as Halfin's grandfather was a pilot communicating by the code in the Soviet Army during the WWII. At the same time, it references the early communication history in The United States as the Morse Code was invented in Washington, DC by F.B Morse in 1844.

Halfin performs a ritual with the coded textiles to subvert the personal history and the history of the code in the US that was used as a weapon in the military, by transforming it into a poem, sound and gesture.

The Web Of Magic And Mundane

Interactive Live performance and the ritual 

Full Duration: 24 min

Sound by Julia Santoli

Installation View 

Solo Exhibition 

Ely Center Of Contemporary Art, CT


The Web Of Magic And Mundane