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Online Live Performance, 2021 

Spectrum Of Red, Year: 2021, Duration: 25 min,

Sound by Julia Santoli

Performed for PEPA Online and 

Artilade Magazine Online Exhibition



Spectrum Of Red is a live performance and an ongoing project that references the dimensions of the fiery energy in the body and the ways it manifests to the world. As humans, we have unprocessed feelings that accumulate over a period of time, and in the moments of crises, they raise and require attention. Some of the unprocessed experiences that happen early in life or those that cause trauma have no image but instead manifest themselves as sensations in the body. 


In the performance, I step into a ritualistic rhythm to face the subtle dimensions of the fiery energy that we refer to as anger. I reconfigure and give the shape and image to this experience by the power of myth. In society, we often perceive anger as a purely negative emotion and resist it in all its forms. This performance is an act of mapping and retracing the injustices and unfair acts in family and society. While revisiting anger as a self-consuming form of unchecked power and destructive force, I get in touch with it consciously and direct it towards purification and inner clarity, while learning to honor this fiery energy.



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